Explain It With Mister Clearly!

Explain It With Mister Clearly is an outstanding promotion/explainer with a super
charming 3d character created by Denys Almaral, animated and produced
by Snowcake Animation Studio!
We hope you will love this creative collaboration and it´s product!
Simply drag and drop the 3d scenes to the readymade free scenes that comes
with the template, or use one of the existing promotions!

• Comes With 3 Projects (2 includes Voice Over) – 2 Readymade Comps + 1 Comp with free scenes (Drag & Drop your own content to the free scenes, to create YOUR STORY!)
• Fully Customizable
• Simply Drag & Drop
• 20 Backround Illustrations included
• Step by Step Video Help Files, which will guide you through the Customization Process
• Includes 3 Render Comps – 1920×1080, 1280×720, 720×405





We love to animate! :-)




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